A few facts

A few facts about me that will help explain why I’ve started this website:

1. I am woefully out of shape. I’m generally healthy-ish in the sense that I don’t have high blood pressure or cholesterol and I’m not on any medication. I am, however, over weight and staring down a genetic history that includes lots of heart disease and obesity (plus a little mental illness, just for fun). My older brother warns me that the 40’s are when the wheels start coming off the wagon, health wise, so I have some time for prevention, if I start now.

2. I have not always been the couch potato I am today. I was, about a decade ago or so, a pretty fit athlete. I was a swimmer, I dabbled in running (including one 10-K), hiked on a regular basis and could actually do more than 10 crunches without collapsing into a quivering heap afterwards. 

3. I am super, super, ridiculously competitive.

4. No, really, I’m ridiculous. I trash talk while playing dominoes. I race unsuspecting lap swimmers in the pool.  My husband and I’s first fight was due to my competitive nature (that and his failure to bring his “A” game while playing Taboo with some friends). I’m not necessarily good at the things I’m competitive about and I am a good sport (board game induced trash talking aside) so I don’t have to win to be happy. I just need something to push against.

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