On the bike again…

Tonight I went for my first bike ride in at least a year, which required a great deal of bravery on my part. Not because of the ride itself…because first I had to get the bike out of the basement.

I hate going to the basement and not just because that is where the washer and dryer are (Thank the Lord that I have a husband who does laundry. I hate laundry).

We live in a 115 year old farm house out in the country. Our basement is, frankly, creepy to me and there is always a very real chance of encountering some sort of critter down there. I’ve seen mice, my husband spotted a bat and there are about a million spiders.

We moved here in January and the bike has been parked down there since then. When I went to get it tonight, the tires were flat, it was dusty and covered in cobwebs and there was a dead mouse nearby. Delightful.

I got the bike moved outside and then my loving husband pumped the tires up for me and I was off.

I ended up riding just over 4 miles in about a half hour. This is pretty slow, I imagine, but thankfully I have no frame of reference for cycling. I do live on a gravel road and no matter what direction I ride there will be hills, so the ride was challenging.

Now to figure out an exercise plan for next week…somewhat more complicated because the pool I usually swim in is closed for maintenance.

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