Gimme Gimme

I am about a week into this endeavor (though I’ve been training on the swimming part for about 2 months now) and I have a rapidly growing list of things I needwant. I’m not usually much of a gearhead (I like my cell phones chunky, my Microsoft to be 2003,  and I don’t have TIVO or DVR or cable anything at the house) but there is something about sports equipment that makes me want to pull my credit card out and not put it away until the people at Citibank send me a thank you card.

In roughly rank order, I want:

1. Padded bike shorts- because, well, ouch. My delicate lady bits and my bike seat do not get along.

2. Gloves- I have sweaty hands when I ride my bike, due to equal parts hard work and nervousness about going down hills/getting hit by a car/getting chased by a dog/falling over. Also, perhaps I need a therapist to get over the bike related anxiety this post clearly indicates I have.

3. A triathlon suit. I don’t really want one yet, but I suspect I will after I do my first triathlon and decide that people in those suits look cooler and faster than I do.

4. A new swim suit. I have a new swim suit. I just want more. My current suit is bright blue. I hate blue. My other suit is purple. I look like Barney in it. There were rather limited options in my size the last two times I’ve been shopping for suits, which is part of a larger rant that I’ll save for another time about how limited the options are for workout clothes if you are plus sized (here’s a preview of that rant- perhaps plus sized people might be more inclined to workout if it wasn’t hard and embarrassing to find decent work out clothes).

5. Those clippy bike pedals and the click clacky shoes that go with them.

6. A treadmill for when it gets cold in Iowa. So from October to like April if this year was any indication.

The thing is that we don’t have a lot of extra money and we tend to lead a pretty frugal life out of both choice and necessity so I know I won’t end up buying most of this stuff (except the bike shorts). I just have a bad case of the wants right now.


One thought on “Gimme Gimme

  1. James says:

    Get the gloves, trust me that you do not want to fall off your bike and not have gloves on. The one time I crashed without gloves on was not a pretty site. Plus gloves will absorb some of the road shock when you are riding.

    Go buy a kettlebell and learn how to use it. Probably the best piece of workout equipment in my arsenal. Great for getting you strong and it is a cardio workout in itself.

    Good job on the blog. Have to agree with you on sports equipment. Right now I have running shoes, trail running shoes, hiking shoes, cycling shoes, warm weather running gear, cold weather running gear, gear for spring and fall and don’t get me started on cycling stuff. Then there are my workout foods, lots of GU, Clif Bars, Powerbars, protein powder and energy drinks. The worst thing to happen to me is that they opened a Sierra Trading Post outlet store in Boise.

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