Part of the Reason Why

 The babe

This is my kiddo. He is almost 14 months old and we are completely in love.

I’ve found so far that parenting makes me really, really aware of the areas in which I am a hypocrite. I feed the baby fresh fruits and veggies, trying to make as much stuff myself as possible. We rarely let him have things with added sugar or that are overly processed. I’m not crazy (he gets the occasional treat) but 97% of the time he eats really healthy stuff.

I eat McDonald’s for breakfast far more than anyone should. I love the 69 cent frozen burritos from the grocery store. I drank a whole 2 liter bottle of Fresca by myself…over the course of a day and a half.

The kiddo gets plenty of sleep thanks to a nightly routine and an early bedtime.

I stay up to late watching tv or reading my magazines or, um, blogging.

I take him to the park regularly. He doesn’t watch tv. We play outside whenever it isn’t sweltering or freezing. Play is important. Movement and activity are important.

I have, until a earlier this summer, been primarily an indoorsy sort of person, a couchy sort of person, a sedentary sort of person.

Before I got pregnant my husband and I talked a lot about my health. He had, I think, some reservations about having a baby before I was in a healthier pattern in terms of exercise. My husband is very, very fit. He runs 40 miles a week and does marathons. He is completely supportive and helpful and great, especially about helping me carve out time to workout. I know that my past inactivity has caused him worry, not about my appearance (though I have gained weight since we married. Fat and happy and all that) but for my health.

We both agree that we want our son to grow up healthy and active and comfortable in his own skin. And we’ve both agreed that we need to actively model that behavior. Neither of us had especially good role models in this respect in terms of our parents (my dad rode his bike to the library some times, but I think that was mostly because he was/is cheap and wanted to save money on gas) and we want to do better by this kid. I just haven’t been.

The kiddo is getting bigger and more aware and I want him to grow up cheering both of his parents on.


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