Rest Day

I didn’t do a single athletic thing today, unless cleaning my child’s sticky high chair counts (I did break a sweat. I blame the dried on sweet potato).

When I planned my week, I had swimming and cycling on tap for today but when I woke up this morning I realized that it has been 7 days since I had a rest day and so I figured I should take today off. I didn’t expect it to buy me as much as it has.

I drove past a lake this afternoon (not the dead body lake, another one that is further out of town) and I want to swim so badly. I had a sleeping baby in the car and no one to watch him even if he was awake, so I knew I couldn’t stop. I got home and have been eyeing my bike off and on.  Maybe just a quick ride?

The thing is that I know I need to take rest days, especially since I am starting with a fairly low level of fitness. I don’t want to get hurt but I am tempted to go and push myself.

I have a long standing problem with all or nothing behavior. Sometimes, this all or nothing thing can be positive. It was in high school when I never missed a practice and would get out of bed willingly at 4:30am so I could do two practices a day (that loud crashing noise you just heard was my husband falling over in disbelief as he has never seen me willingly wake up before 7am). It was positive when I was in grad school and I got into a productive zone on my thesis. It was really positive when I applied it to getting out of debt when I was in my 20’s.

The flip side is that this type of thinking has also led me to being a champion procrastinator and someone who quits somethings really easily if I don’t see/feel/perceive instant results. It was hard for me to go back to swimming in some respects because I had to get over being so much slower than in high school and not being able to fix that right away.

I think I feel afraid that if I take a day off (like every single training plan says one should) that I’ll just never get started again. It feels different this time, but that doubt hangs in my mind a bit.

My plan for the rest of the week:

Wednesday: Run/walk for 3.5 miles

Thursday: Bike 5 miles

Friday: Swim (open water) for 35 minutes

Saturday: Walk/run 4 miles*

Sunday: Long bike ride (1 hour)*

* Subject to change. I have to get several moles and freckles biopsied on Friday, so I have to see if I have stiches, etc. **

** Um, PSA, wear sunscreen, especially if you are as pale as I am (my natural shade being “underside of the mushroom white”). Funky freckles are no fun.

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