Oh, so much with the procrastination was I tonight. I had a stressful day at work , I self medicated with ice cream and I was feeling generally lumpy. A workout would feel, I was certain, just terrible. The couch, on the other hand, just perfect.

I hemmed and hawed. I went on-line. I watch some TV. I sloooowwwllly got changed into work out clothes.

At 8:00pm I finally dragged my still sort of unwilling self out the door, muttering to myself that I’d be glad I did when it was over. And, annoyingly enough, I was right.

I had a really solid workout tonight. I did about 5 minutes of walking to warm up and then did what I call the 5-3-1-1workout. It goes:

5 repetitions of 1 min run/2 min walk

3 repetitions of 2 min run/3 min walk

1 repetition of 4 min run/5 min walk

1 repetition of 1 minute of full sprinting

Including warm up and cool down I did just over 3 miles tonight. I think the walk/run intervals are really important for me as an overweight person. I get tempted to try to just run as long and fast as I can, but I know I need to be gentler than that as I get started…man, nothing makes me feel older than worrying about my knees.

I’m hoping that in the next month, I can switch the ratios of running and walking.

One thought on “Walk/Run

  1. Wendy says:

    You’re doing so great! Just getting up and out the door is the most important part of the workout, and you keep doing that, even when you don’t feel like it. I’m so proud of you.

    Mr. Monkey

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