The Athletic Monkey Stimulus Plan

You’re welcome, America.

After spending, oh I wish I was kidding, $1500 on repairs and registration this week for our piece of crap mini-van (no, Honda Odyssey, I will not respect the van*) I still found it in my heart to continue to help fight the recession by going to a sporting goods store and spening a three figured sum on new gear.

I got a few basics: cycling gloves, a water bottle for my bike, foot cage thingys for the pedals, and some GU for Michael (who ran over 14 miles this morning and is sound asleep on the couch as I write this. He is officially awesome).

I had decided that I was going to get at least one pair of padded bike shorts but when I got to the store, I quickly realized that I had no idea how to pick out a pair. I had several issues:

1. I wasn’t sure if I’d fit into the largest woman’s size they carried. This store tends to not have much of a selection beyond mediums. Um. Yeah. I’ve never, ever been a medium.

2. I didn’t know if men’s shorts were somehow cut or padded differently than women’s.

3. I didn’t know what size of men’s shorts I wear

4. I don’t actually know how bike shorts are suppossed to fit, beyond tight and stretchy.

5. All the shorts looked exactly the same (black, padded, sort of shiny) but there was a huge range of prices. Why does one pair of tight shiny black shorts cost $45 more than another?

Anyone who knows me can probably guess what I did…I found the cheapest pair of tight black stretchy shorts that didn’t cut off the circulation to my knees and bought them. I figure I’m still a fairly casual rider and I can always upgrade later if needed (with all the extra money I’ll have because that damn van should be fixed for a good long time  *shakes fist menacingly at damn stupid van*).

I wore my new shorts on a ride tonight and they felt good. I did 5.3 miles, including one long steady hill that just buuuurrrnnned and made me think for a moment about just getting off and walking instead. I’m enjoying cycling more these days, though I really do wish there was some paved road near me to ride on.

Special sneak preview of the next entry: I’ve settled on the race schedule for the fall, including one cross country race that looks insane in a really fun way.


*I know a lot of people love the Honda Odyssey and it suppossed to be the most reliable one out there with the best resale value, but man does the one we have suck. We have had the worst car luck the last year- including having the same car stolen TWICE- and adding up what we’ve spent on car repairs and work over the last 12 months makes me want to cry. At least both of our cars are paid for.

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