It was good

I went on a run tonight on one of the nice trails in town. It was cool outside and it felt nice to be running on something other than gravel road.

I don’t know if it was the trail or the fact that I was fueled by a burning sense of righteous indignation (my favorite kind of indignation, really) due to some shady shenanigans happening at work but I had the best run/walk I’ve had yet. My pace was a full minute faster per mile than my previous best.

Runners World had an a piece  today about the importance of running when you are too busy to run, or too stress or too whatever. I get that today. I was feeling stressed and pissed and generally assed up by work today, but the run helped. And that was good.

And now, because I have no big, grand message in the post tonight other than “run is good”, I present to you a photographic work entitled “Baby Likes Jam”

I love toast the most

I love toast the most


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