Why I Didn’t Run Today

Because Time magazine said I shouldn’t.

Just kidding (and I’ll let some other folks explain why that article is so very dumb). I didn’t run today because my husband had a meeting at night and I had meetings during the day and the baby had an appointment to run around naked in our backyard after dinner.

For the last three years, my husband has been the designated athlete in our house. I’ve flirted with fitness but never really stuck to anything the way he sticks to running. He runs 6 days a week, almost without fail. He does long runs on the weekends, sometimes gone for two to three hours…maybe even four depending on where he is doing the running. Sometimes he runs first thing in the morning, sometimes if the weather is good he’ll take the baby with him in the jogging stroller but a lot of times I stay home and watch the kiddo while he runs.

The thing is– I haven’t mind doing this one bit. Not once have I ever resented the running. I love what it does for his physical health, I love what it does for his mental health, I love what it does for his perky, perky butt. My husband has been the primary stay at home parent for most of Miles’ life, so I both want to make sure I get alone time with Miles and that Michael gets alone time without him.

We’ve never really had to deal with balancing both of our workout lives before, primarily because I haven’t had one. Now I’m realizing that having a life with two people in training plus a small child plus a full time job plus a house that is stubbornly refusing to be self cleaning means that time to work out is not going to just miraculously appear. We’ve had it somewhat easier as it has been a relatively mild summer, so there have been opportunities for me to work out after the babe goes to bed, but I know those days won’t last long.

I’m realizing that I am going to have to be really intentional about scheduling work out time– that we are going to have to intentional about that. I need to think of myself as “in training” because, after all, I am. I sometimes think of Michael’s running as more important than my workouts, like if I had to choose one of us to work out in a given day, I’d choose him because he is the real athlete (I’d probably also try to put his and Miles’ oxygen masks on them first if a plane was going down).

On our fridge is a list of meals for the week. On Saturdays, Michael and I sit down and plan the dinners for the next week and plan which groceries to buy. On our computer desk there is a white board calendar that we fill in together for the next month. In my wallet there is the monthly spending report that we go over every month to try to keep our financial life in order. Clearly, we know how to plan and coordinate…now we just need to add my training to the list.

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