In A Mood

I am officially In. A. Mood.

While I have several good reasons to be in this mood (my child bit me three times tonight, work is crazy, it is approximately 173% humidity outside and I feel very broke) ultimately I don’t wish to continue to be the mayor of Pissyville, so I need to decide what to do.

The couch, she beckons. I have several new magazines, the baby is hopefully falling as sleep as I type this (Sleep, baby, sleep so mama doesn’t have to sell you on Craigslist tomorrow), and I have m&m’s in the kitchen calling my name.

But, I could also go run. I missed my run yesterday and my swim was fairly easy today so I could run. The part of me that is FREAKING OUT* about the triathlon next month might be soothed by a run.

Gah. I know what I need to do. I just need to put one foot in front of the other for awhile.

Okay, back soon.


*A post devoted to the freaking out is coming soon. Largely is about how there is a really, really good chance I could come in dead last in the triathlon (judging by last years times) and how my competitive side is handling that– here is a hint: not well

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