Things That Are Not Flat (wherein I discuss Iowa and my boobs)

Quick– close your eyes and think about Iowa.

Is this what you thought of?

I'm gonna be tasty

I'm gonna be tasty

That’s not an inaccurate picture to have of Iowa, but you should also consider this:

Do your quads quiver in anticipation?

Do your quads quiver in anticipation?

As a former resident of a mountainous state, I know I have dismissed the mid-west as “flat” and maybe even “boring” in the past. But oh how wrong I was. Iowa is certainly not flat, especially not near our house. I went for a 9 mile bike ride last night (it was supposed to be 7.5, but I got lost. Did you know that most corn fields look remarkably similar to most other corn fields and thus should not be used for directional purposes?) and as I thought about my route I knew that no matter what direction I went in, there would be hills.

I ride with a Garmin that tells me my mph on the bike and it is entertaining to me to watch how much it changes. On a flat gravel road I can go about 8.5 mph. On a flat paved road, about 9.5 mph. Up a hill…6 mph, 5.2 was the low spot on one particularly brutal hill (aka potty mouth mountain because of all the damn swearing I can’t stop myself from doing, though apparently that can be helpful).

There can be some benefits to being a big girl on a heavy bike though… I was clocking 19, 20, 22 mph down some of the hills, even though I still ride the brakes a bit. Yay gravity!

Okay, so now we are all in agreement, yes? Iowa is not flat and Wendy is awesome for learning to become a cyclist on gravel, hilly, country roads.

So, let’s turn to the other topic for discussion– my not flat boobs.

(At this moment, let me give a shout out to my older brother who I know reads my blog and is probably just thrilled to contemplate reading about my boobs. Hi big brother!)

I do have an actual reason for bringing up the boobies, and would love any advice from any triathlon women who might be reading. When I work out, I wear the Cadillac of sports bras- the Enell, which are completely wonderful and amazing for big chested women. I can’t imagine trying to run in anything other.

But for the triathlon, I’m not sure what to do. I know that in a lot of sprint tris people either wear a tri suit or run in their bathing suits. Buying a tri suit isn’t an option at this point, but I don’t think running in a swimsuit (I’d be pulling shorts and a shirt over it for the bike and run) will give me enough support.  I feel like there are a couple of options:

1. Wear the sports bra under the swim suit which will look…um…interesting to say the least. It would be very visible. I don’t know how quick drying the sports bra would be either, so that might be an issue

2. Wear an extra swim top underneath the swimsuit. Something like this:

I'm not a bra, but maybe I can help?

I'm not a bra, but maybe I can help?

3. Just go with the swimsuit only and suck it up for 3.1 miles (I’m not so worried about the bike part).

Am I missing an option? Anyone have any tips?


2 thoughts on “Things That Are Not Flat (wherein I discuss Iowa and my boobs)

  1. Mellowblonde says:

    HA! I just answered this question for another woman on my team…it comes up more often than you think. I like to wear my bike shorts, Enell bra, and a sleeveless bike jersey. The Enell bra dries pretty quick. At first, it seems weird to be swimming in your clothes, but I find it easier in transition to not change clothes.

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