3 Good Things

1. My run/walk tonight was excellent. My fastest that I’ve done on the gravel road by our house. For the first time since I started this thing, I did more jogging than walking, which was really good for my confidence. I also ran 1.5 miles without stopping, also great for me.

2. This kid, this sweet sweet faced kid, did not bite me today…which is a sad sort of happiness.

So cute when he's not dangling from my arm by his teeth

So cute when he's not dangling from my arm by his teeth

The good news is that Miles has never bitten another kid and very rarely bites Michael. That bad news is that he bites me pretty frequently, mostly when he gets too excited and affectionate. I’m sort of at my wit’s end about it because I’m not sure what else to do (we’ve tried several methods to get him to stop, short of biting him back, as I’m not okay with that idea) to get him to stop, so I’ll just appreciate the lack of biting today.

3. The triathlon I’m doing has a free workshop next weekend, so I can go check out the course, ride the bike portion, meet some other folks doing it and ask questions. I’m quite pleased about this and I think it will help a lot to be able to see everything in advance. I also harbor the hope that there will be a buxom veteran triathlete there who I can question about boob storage during the race.

That should be a nice awkward conversation:

Me: “I see you have large breasts… I do too ” (gestures to chest) “perhaps we can talk about that.”

Buxom stranger: silent, backs away slowly

See, this will be totally helpful!


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