Scale Hiatus


I have a dry erase board hanging just outside of my office door. On it I have two countdowns- one for an upcoming major work event (4 days, yikes) and one for the triathlon (32 days). When I decided to do the triathlon, at first I wasn’t sure if I’d mention it to anyone at work. I don’t know if I was worried about not following through or if I was embarrassed or what, but I’ve decided that I’m doing this and I’m excited and so on the dry erase board it went.

Since I’ve started mentioning it, it has been interesting to hear people’s reactions. I get a lot of “I could never do that” which I find kind of funny. I’m not doing an ironman distance, just a sprint. I truly think that almost anyone could probably do that distance if they were willing to do a couple of months of training. Other than the “I could never” crowd, I’ve had several people wish me good luck, which is always nice, and more than one woman ask me if I was trying to lose weight, which is weird. Seriously, that is weird, right? Kind of rude, too, maybe?

The thing is, I’m really not. I am overweight but this is not some diet in disguise. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind if I lose some weight doing this training, but that really isn’t the point for me. I’m running and biking and swimming because I want to race and I want to see how fast I can get. I also want to do what I can to keep my bones and heart strong.

That being said, I have lost a little weight since I started training in earnest last month. I even have a couple of pairs of pants that I can now take off without unbuttoning first. After my brick workout on Saturday, I weighed myself and saw a weight I haven’t seen in months. And I felt a little thrill, which is when I decided that I’m going on a scale hiatus until after the triathlon.

I don’t want this to become about my weight and I don’t want to start evaluating my workouts by what the scale says afterwards.  I want to work hard and get sweaty and feel sore and just be comfortable in my own skin without worrying about a three digit number.

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