Mid-day Swim

I am very fortunate in many ways (cute/sweet/smart/funny husband, adorable baby, gainfully employed, etc) but for someone who is training for a triathlon in this part of the country, the fact that I have free access to a pool year round that I can get to in four minutes from my office is a very good thing. I just got back from a lunch hour swim (2200 meters, not too shabby) and am enjoying the smell of chlorine on my hair.

Before we moved to Iowa, we lived in Arizona, in a town with a good number of public pools, many of which stay open all year round. There was also several masters swim teams in town that practiced at some of the private or university pools. Beyond that, many of the gyms in town and the  all have pools too. Options- there were plenty.

When I moved here, I was sort of shocked to find that the public pool is only open for about 3 months a year (which, duh, it is an outdoor pool) and there really isn’t any other option for winter swimming unless you can use the pool at my college. The handful of gyms in town don’t even have pools. 

I was thinking last night as I did my bike ride that it is kind of ironic that I’m training for a triathlon now, here, in Iowa. Back home (Arizona still feels a bit more like home to me) there were all the aquatic advantages I’ve just mentioned, plus good training weather almost year round, plus well equipped tri stores, and the town I lived in had a good reputation as a cycling and tri friendly town.

I waited until I moved to a place that is cold a good part of the year, in a town with no bike shops, let alone tri stores*, and a house on a gravel road too rough to use a road bike on.

But, for whatever reason, now is the time, so this is the place. I’ve wanted to do this so long but haven’t for lots of reasons, good and bad. As geeky as it might be to say this, I’m super happy right now and pretty pleased about my progress so far. And that feels really good.


* Things that we also don’t have in the town or even county where I live: a bookstore, a pediatrician, a gynecologist, a bagel shop, a Starbucks, or a Target. We do, however, have 6 different chiropractic offices in the county seat of 15,000 people, which is weird to me.

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