So, this is new

Me: the last two days

Me: the last two days

I probably won’t talk about my job too much on this blog (I do not wish to be dooced) but I can say this: my job is in eduction, I’m an administrator and I am crazy busy this week. Education jobs are always cyclical, your work ebbing and flowing based on when the students are around and need you the most, so I knew this week would be busy, just as I know the next few months will be the busiest of the whole year for me.  But the actual intensity of this week feels like a bit of shock.

According to the MBTIthat is so beloved in educational circles, I am an extrovert (and I am) which is supposed to mean that I feed off of and am energized by contact with others. Yesterday, after a marathon day of work where I only had about 15 minutes of quiet time (enough to scarf down the lunch my beloved husband brought me) I had to get in the car and drive about 30 minutes to pick up my bike from the shop. In the car, sitting still for the first time in hours, I felt as jangly as a person hopped up on diet coke and candy corn (ah, the potent sugar/caffeine combo that is so hard to resist come fall. (Or now. Our drug store started carrying Halloween candy on the 4th of freaking July. ) But I digress. And am really overusing the parentheses). I felt like I could run 5 miles, clean my floors with a toothbrush, reorganize my closet, make dinner, have enthusiastic relations with my husband and still have energy left over to plow through the ever growing pile on my desk. I was buzzing. So, yeah, probably an extrovert.

Where trees go to die

Where trees go to die

The thing is, I didn’t get to work out yesterday. I usually swim on Mondays but it was just not possible. When we got home from the bike shop and by the time the baby was in bed it was really too late to run or bike (and my bike was trapped in my office anyways). The thing is, and this is the new part, I was really bummed.

I wanted to work out.

How could I not want to ride this newly tuned up beauty?

How could I not want to ride this newly tuned up beauty?

When I was a younger monkey, I was on the swim team and I was obsessed. I never, ever missed practice, I did double practices most of the year, I did dry land stuff, I did weight training for PE and I never slacked. Really. I was insane (kind of for real, Iwas  also getting started on a nice eating disorder. I’m all better now though, so no worries).

I quit competitive swimming in college, after a shoulder injury, and I lost that intense drive to be physical. In the, um, let’s see, 10 years since college, I’ve worked out off and on but I’ve never really wanted to. I always did it because I knew I needed to, or I was trying to lose weight, or because I was doing it with a friend (Hi K.S. Miss you!).

But now, this week, I want to do it. I am slightly astonished by it, but I am really enjoying training for this triathlon…and that is completley excellent, no matter how I finish.

I should be able to go for a bike ride, the first on the road bike, tonight. Can’t wait. For reals.

We'll be getting a bit closer later tonight

We'll be getting a bit closer later tonight

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