I Judge You



Obviously I’ve been outside training quite a bit more lately than I used to. Not only has this improved my physical health (and I believe it has). It has also allowed me many opportunities to engage in sweet, sweet judgement on some of the other people I see out on the trail or running around town. A few surprisingly common sites I sit in judgement on:

1. Smoking while exercising. Almost every single time I ride or run the trail through town I see someone smoking, usually while walking but once while rollerblading. The rollerblader was in workout gear, with earbuds in, puffing away. I guess it is good that they are still getting some exercise, but really? Smoking during? What the hell?

2. The no helmet thing. The vast majority of people I see on bikes in this town never, ever wear helmets, including and especially kids. Coming from a state with mandatory helmet laws, I’m stunned that so many parents let their kids ride with no helmets. Even weirder to me are the people riding bikes that cost more than my car, riding super fast down the trail, with no helmets. I have seen bike crashes (the actual crash and the after effects) and I just can’t fathom not protecting your head.

Lovely flowers but where is your brain bucket?

Lovely flowers but where is your brain bucket?

3. Men with no shirts on. When it is a balmy 69 degrees outside. Really. Cover it up fellas. A special “cover it up notice”  to the guy I saw last night  in running tights with no shirt  on. If it is cold enough to wear long tights, it is cold enough to put your nipples away.
Put it away McConaughy

Put it away McConaughy

4. The trail hogs. I get walking with your friend side by side, I do. But don’t hog the trail and don’t give me a dirty look when I say “on your left” as I try to pass you. I’m either going past you or going through you…your choice.
Out of my way lovebirds

Out of my way lovebirds

5. I could also talk about how dangerous and irritating people in cars can be, but that is a whole post in itself.


8 thoughts on “I Judge You

  1. shaily says:

    Hahah! I judge people too, it’s part of my internal monologue while I run.

    The worst no-shirt episode I witnessed was during my half marathon: the man must have been at least 70+ and was in need of a good sports bra. It got better when after my race my mom goes “Did you see that poor man running without his shirt?” I had the best time explaining that she should not feel sorry for him…

  2. Johanna I. says:

    I had to laugh about #3. Jon runs almost exclusively sans shirt. In fact, if he leaves with it on his body, he returns with it tied around his head, turban-style. I actually appreciate this look – he’s not quite Matthew McConaughy but he’s not too far off. I guess I can understand how it might be a bit awkward for others, though.

  3. James says:

    Don’t be hating the mighty Mario in pic #1, probably the best sprinter ever in the history of cycling. He can’t wear a helmet because it would mess up his mane.

    If it makes you feel better, that’s an old picture. Helmets are required now in all professional bike races. When I used to work at a bike shop I always told parents that the cost of a helmet is probably less than your co-pay to take your kid to the emergency room. There is no excuse to go without a helmet, the cheapie $20 helmets at Target are better helmets than what I raced with 20 years ago. A helmet has saved my head more than a couple of times.

      • James says:

        You don’t understand Italian bike racers, they smoke to open up their lungs. Back when he was racing Super Mario (that’s really his nickname) was all about looking good and kicking butt.

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