5 Things That Make Me Forget My Impending Doom

1. The little monkey hugging my neck when I get him out of the crib every morning. His hair is matted, his diaper weighs about 17 pounds and he has sheet wrinkles on his face. He is so lovely.

2. The frogs on our windows every night. We tend to get little frogs on the living room window at night (lights on=moths=attractive to hungry frogs) and I love watching them catch bugs and hop around. Much cuter than the mouse scurrying up our bedroom screen at 3am the other night.

3. “Dead Until Dark” a total soap opera of a book that I’m reading right now. Not such great writing, but great escapism.

4. Spending thousands and thousands of your tax payer dollars at work to help keep poor kids in college. My job is very cool in many ways.

5. Peanut Butter M&M’s and frozen whipped bananas. Mmmm.

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