Tough T.I.T.S (or: Allow Me to Overshare)


I did a long ride last night (yay me!) as every piece of advice I’ve gotten about getting over those damn hills on the tri basically boils down to two things: 1) Practice on hills (duh) and 2) Spend more time riding. Nothing, it seems, is more important than time in the saddle (t.i.t.s hee).

So last night I did both. Spent about 40 minutes riding a hilly course in town and then another 40 minutes riding the fairly flat trail, doing some speed intervals.

Am I proud of myself? Yes!

Does my special lady area hurt? Why, yes! Yes it does!

So, if you are say, my brother, or someone else who does not wish to read further, may I offer you an amusing, though mostly unrelated, video?

Okay, so back to my lady bits.

Well, first a quick digression… isn’t it kind of funny how we don’t usually talk about the grosser aspects of working out/training? People talk about injuries or weight loss or making progress, but when was the last time that some one in real life (Lord knows you can find lots of graphic stuff on blogs. Um, like this one, I guess) talked about chafing or the trots or the pain of lady bits that have been squashed by a bike seat for an hour and a half? I used to always feel like I was the only one whose body sometimes did gross stuff because of exercise and then I saw my first tube of Body Glide and it was like a revelation…chafing happens to other people too! I’m not a freak!

Now, for reals, about my pudendum. Things were sore last night. Sore to the point that I wondered if I should stick a bag of frozen peas in my pants (I guess you could say that I almost pea’d my pants. Ha! Look at me with the puns!).  Sore and, dare I say, a little angry looking afterwards. I know at some point I should get a female specific saddle, but I have no extra money this month, so that isn’t going to happen before the tri. So, two questions: will it get better the more I get used to the bike and can I actually permanently damage anything down there?

I am hoping the answers are yes and no, in that order, or else I fear my husband will hide the bike, given his vested interest in the continued good health and overall friendlyness of that area (is it an overshare to imply my husband likes to have sex with me? Yes? Oops. Too late).


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