Labor Day

15 months ago yesterday I gave birth to my sweet boy. He was overdue, it was hot in Arizona, I was so very tired of being pregnant and so we scheduled an induction (or an eviction, as I thought of it, given that he had clearly overstayed his lease agreement). I went in at 7am and he was born at 9:54 pm. It was, and is, the hardest physical thing I have ever done. It was, and is, the most amazing too.

Only smiling because I knew I'd be done being pregnant soon.

Only smiling because I knew I'd be done being pregnant soon.

I don’t  think the tri will be harder than childbirth, nor do I think it will be more amazing (I don’t know if anything can top that) but there are several ways in which being in the last throes of tri training remind me of the days before I had the baby:

1. I am so tired. I’ve been working really hard on the training and my legs are just tired a lot. When I was pregnant I was tired all the time from carrying around a baby that was almost 9 pound when he was born, now I am tired from carrying around myself for hours and miles on the bike and the running trail. Good kinds of tired, both.

2. Both experiences require the packing of special bags, trying to anticipate what you’ll want and need to make this experience more manageable. Very different things in the bag, of course, as I didn’t think to bring Body Glide or Gu packs to labor and delivery. Should have though- might have helped.

3. When I was in the last few weeks of pregnancy I looked forward to the actual labor process with both dread (oh gosh, how bad is this going to hurt?) and anticipation (just get here big day, I am tired of waiting for the action to start). I feel the exact same way now.  A bit of afraid but mostly wishing the day would just arrive so I could stop feeling stressed about it.

4. Pre- labor and delivery check in meal: Bagel sandwich . Pre-tri meal: Bagel sandwich.

5. Fear of needing to poop during the big event…had it for delivery, have it for the tri. Thankfully, the fear was unrealized during the childbirth experience (at least according to my husband. And if he is lying to save me from embarrassment, keep lying sweetie!) so hopefully it will be the same for the tri.

6. Plans for after the big event: sleep, eat whatever the hell I want, get lavished with praise from my husband. Exact same as my expectations after having the baby.


For those who care about the actual training part, I did a two hour bike ride on Saturday and a mini-brick of swimming and cycling yesterday. I plan to run tonight. I am going to do a 5 day taper starting after another long ride next Sunday. This week should be intense but good.


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