And How Was Your Day?

A few notes on how my Tuesday was:

1. I walked/jogged on a treadmill last night for over an hour. For over an hour, I watched myself in the mirror walking and jogging. Good Lord, treadmills are boring. Also, my face gets really red, really quickly. Also, watching myself jog, red faced and huffing, was more appealing than watching the television, which was showing some show called, I shit you not, “Toddlers and Tiaras” about those horrible mother who dress up their little girls like scary ass dolls and prance them around on sad little stages in mid-range chain hotels so they can win a chintzy trophy and allow their mother to bask in the reflected glow of youth and “beauty” (sort of. Most of these little girls are cute in real life but look like cocktail waitress at a strip club on theme night).

Not what God intended a 6 year old to look like

Not what God intended a 6 year old to look like

2. We may have either another bat in our house or a continuing mouse problem. I kind of wish that the potential bat would just eat the mice and then let himself out the back door, but it doesn’t seem to happen like that. I have to note that I am much less freaked out about this mystery critter (that Mr. Monkey keeps hearing at 3am) than I was about the last bat. Ah, progress! Or- lowered expectations.

3. Some students at my school are starting a tri club. I went to the first meeting and probably won’t go back. Turns out I have gotten used to be in charge of things (I’m kind of the boss lady, well a lower level boss lady, at work) and I do not enjoy watching over people ineptly plan events. Ah, self-awareness!

4. The little monkey is cutting two molars, got three shots yesterday and did a face plant on our kitchen floor and busted his lip up. Yep, he’s going to be getting the yummy, yummy baby Tylenol today. I worry when he smacks his lips in satisfaction after he takes some…little junkie.

5. I broke down and bought some mellocreme pumpkins. So gross. So delicious.

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