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Allow me to start this entry on an unabashedly mushy note: I have the best husband and I for sure would not be doing all the training I am doing without his support. He is my partner, in all of the best senses of the word.

Guess which team he roots for...

Guess which team he roots for...

 Mr. Monkey is currently training for his third marathon, the Des Moines marathon next month. I am, as I’ve mentioned maybe once or twice, training for this tri next weekend. This makes Sundays around our house kind of interesting as we try to balance both of us getting in long workouts while making sure the baby also gets taken care of.

Yesterday he ran 20 miles and I rode just over 22. In order to make this work he had to get up before 5am (he’s a champ, there is no way this would work if I was the one to have to get up early) to eat and get out to the trail. I slept until 6:30am when the baby woke up. I tended to the baby until about 8:30am when we drove to the trail to wait for Michael so we could switch places.

After running 20 miles, Mr. Monkey got to be in charge of wrangling a toddler. How relaxing.

I rode until about 11:30 and drove home to find both the baby and the husband down for a nap. Once the baby woke up, I took my second shift with him so Michael could go to work for a couple of hours. He got home and I tagged out, leaving him in charge of getting the baby down for the night.

Last night was one of those nights were I was dead asleep about 10 minutes after going to bed. Sometimes the combo of kid wrangling and training is exhausting, even when split with my husband. It does make me feel good to know that the baby monkey will grow up watching his parents both taking the time to take care of him and take care of themselves. I hope he pays attention.

I can think of no bigger compliment to my husband than to say that I hope our son grows up to be as good a husband, father and man as he is.

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