The Race

My race plan, in handy outline format:

I. Pre-race

     A. Pick up packet the night before

     B. Staying in a nearby hotel

          –  A Super8 as *everything* else was booked

                  i. Only the best hotels for us

                       a. that $48 dollars a night will get you

           – teething baby sleeping in a pack and play

                  i. Oh crap

                 ii. Please sleep little boy

     C. Up by 5am

          – ugh.

      D. Breakfast and then head to race site

II. The Swim

     A. No worries

     B. I’ll be in the second wave of starters

           – first wave is elites

                 i. yeah, so, no…I probably won’t pass anyone

           – next wave is one of the faster male age groups

                 i. please don’t run me over

      C. I’m hoping to be out of the water in around 12 minutes

           – no wetsuit

           – temperature will be in the 60s

                 i. Brrrr.

III. The Bike

     A. Given that I am in the second wave of swimmers, I am guessing I will be passed A LOT

           – Crap

                i. Please don’t run me over

     B. Only goal: finish

          – Actually, that’s a lie

              i. second goal: don’t fall or crash

             ii. third goal: don’t cry


IV. The Run

     A. Who cares about the run?

          – Getting to the run means I’m done with the bike. Woo!


V. The Afterward

     A. I want:

          – hugs and kisses from the mister and the baby monkey

          –  a large diet coke

           – a nap

           – a very, very good lunch.

                i. Perhaps involving guacamole?

               ii. definitely involving cheese.

3 thoughts on “The Race

  1. Mr. Monkey says:

    Sounds perfect except for III.B.ii. This is not baseball; there is crying in endurance sports, and I don’t just mean after it’s all done. I speak from personal experience.

  2. shaily says:

    Good luck with the race this weekend! I’ve enjoyed following your posts up to the big event and I am sure you’ll be just fine!

    Enjoy your first tri and savor all the experiences along the way!

  3. rie says:

    rock on, sweet tri-athlete. you don’t need any wishes for luck — you’re gonna do great. you’ve inspired am and i – we’re gonna train for the tour of the tucson mountains this spring!

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