Why I Love Blogs

“Whatcha reading?”

“A blog”

Lather, rinse and repeat…my husband and I have this exact conversation almost every night. I usually go on-line while my husband gets the baby down for the night (I am a distraction to that process, as I can not stop myself from flirting with my sweet and sleepy baby boy). I have a few blogs I always check and then I start wading through people’s blog rolls, looking for good sites I haven’t discovered yet.

So true

So true

These days I am very into fitness blogs, especially reading race reports (so inspiring and fascinating to me, especially Ironman reports), but I also look at my fair share of mommy blogs and funny blogs (love You Suck at Craigslist and Passive Aggressive Notes, among others) depending on my mood.

Today at lunch I read a blog I’ve never read before about a family dealing with the premature birth of their triplets. I got to an entry about one of the babies dying and I lost it. I started crying at my desk (thankfully my office door was closed), my heart just aching for this couple who I don’t know and will never meet.

I’ve been thinking about the whole blog thing, especially as I’ve begun to realize that some of my closer friends don’t read this blog. I’m not bothered by that, though I am curious about why I am so into following blogs and they are not. Truly, if anyone I know has a blog, I read it religiously, always curious about what is going on with them, what they are thinking about.

I think part of my interest in blogs is that I am inherently interested in other people’s lives. I am some mixture of nosy and anthropologist. I like to know what people are thinking, how they function in the world, what makes life worthwhile to them. I think another part of my interest is that I am lonely.

I am not lonely in my marriage. I am delighted and happy and married the best guy. But I am lonely for female friends (99% of the blogs I read are by women). We moved here in January and while we do have something of a social life, I don’t have any really close friends, nobody here who wants to chat on the phone at the end of the day about the little details of our lives. My best friends are back home and the two hour time difference combined with the fact that almost all of them have kids makes connecting on the phone tricky. We have a lot of conversations that go like this:

“So, how was your day?”

“Crazy, I went to work and– No! No! That is not food! We don’t put that in our mouth!- my boss was in this mood…

“Hold on. No, I am on the phone. You need to wait, I’m on the phone. Sorry, go on”

“Anyways, my boss says to me…”  (LOUD THUNK in background)

“Gotta go…I’ve got a bleeder.”

I think blogs are helping fill this void, giving me the chance to catch up and follow along with the little stories of people’s lives. I don’t read every blog, of course, as some, well, kind of suck (hmm, perhaps a future entry…Reasons I Don’t Like Your Blog) but there are now many, many blogs that I check regularly. I love to read generally and but right now I am finding the immediacy of blogs to be satisfying.

So, thank you if you keep a blog. And thank you if you read mine.


4 thoughts on “Why I Love Blogs

  1. Kashmir White says:

    Wow, another perfect-timing thing. This really lifted my spirits. (Just so you know, I have 4 blogs, but my WordPress one, which I would like to be proud of, totally SUCKS. Enough about me, though.) I think you have summarized my situation perfectly. I am lonely, and I do use blogs to fill the void. It’s the same reason I love Twitter so much. I actually do care what people are doing. And since I seem to be unable to write anything myself, I hope to be inspired by other people. Thank you for putting it in perspective.

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