Races I’m Never Going To Do

1. The Empire State Building Run-up 

These people are nuts

These people are nuts

This race is up over 80 flights of stairs and covers more than 1500 steps. Ugh. I don’t even really like climbing the three flights of stairs to my office everyday. No possible way I’d ever do this. Never, ever, ever.

2. The Badwater Ultramarthon aka “Satan’s Fun Run”. A 135 mile race through Death Valley? Pass. Oh I pass so very much.

3. The Zoom Yah! Yah! indoor marathon. While I enjoy saying the name of this marathon, the idea of doing a marathon on an indoor track sounds like a circle of hell to me. The only thing worse would be a treadmill marathon, which doesn’t seem to exist yet.

4. The Marathon des Sables Holy crap. Not only do you have to run 151 miles across the Sahara desert (they do give you 6 days to finish it) you also have to bring and make your own food. Mid-day temps hit about 120 degrees.

No thank you.

No thank you.

I’ve been feeling like I’m a bit lax on the training for this weekend’s 5K and I think part of that is because I’m just not scared about it. I think fear motivates me…at least it did for the tri. That being said, all of these races would scare the crap out of me and no amount of training would make them less scary.

I’m trying to decide what my “scary” race for the spring will be. I’m torn between a half-marathon or an Olympic distance tri. Which do you think is harder for a non-runner type?


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