Race Goals

I did a 5K tonight as my last longer run before the race on Sunday. I really didn’t want to go but was, as always, I was glad I did it.

Some post run love from the baby

Some post run love from the baby

While I ran, I thought about the race on Sunday and came up with my list of race goals, from most attainable to most unlikely. Being the teacher’s pet I am, I have assigned each goal a letter grade:

F: finish the race. I can’t imagine that I won’t be able to finish. I’ve been doing three miles pretty consistently since July (started with just walking and now am running) and I think I’d have to really injure myself not to finish.

D: Run the whole race, no walking. Again, shouldn’t be a problem unless I go out way too fast.

C: beat my 5K time from the triathlon (53 minutes)

B: Be under 50 minutes. I did my run tonight in 51 minutes, but that included a walking warm up and a big long hill, so I think I can shave at least 2 minutes off.

A: Be under 45 minutes

A+: Be under 40 minutes

A++: Not finish last in my age group. Unless it is swimming, I am always last in my age group…or at least I’ve always been last on the other two things I’ve tried (the tri and the 10K 7 years ago).


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