The Christmas Challenge

Last Christmas was kind of depressing. We were in the midst of packing up our house in Arizona and preparing to move to Iowa. We were dreading saying good-bye to my step-sons (who were both in high school and opted to stay in Arizona with their mom), we were nervous about our financial lives, and there was just a lot of uncertainty.


In light of the fact that we were feeling fiscally insecure the husband and I opted not to give each other or the baby gifts (he was only 6 months old and we figured, rightly, that he’d get presents from grandparents and friends). We redeemed some credit card points and got the boys gift cards (all they wanted anyways). We put up the Christmas tree because the bigger boys wanted to, but it was pretty well empty underneath.


Now, no need to call Linus on me…I know the true meaning of Christmas.

 However, I am also a person who LOVES presents. I love buying presents for other people and I like getting presents too so this was kind of a sad thing for me.

This year, things are a bit better. Our house in Arizona is rented and Mr. Monkey was a full schedule of classes to teach in the spring (as an adjunct professor there is always financial insecurity until you get your class assignments) so we’ll be able to buy each other gifts this year. We might even spring for something for the baby.


While I was running yesterday I was thinking about something that I read on a website—about a woman who was challenging herself to walk a certain number of miles by Christmas and then my competitive brain got a brilliant idea.


I am *thisclose* to convincing Mr. Monkey that for every mile I walk/run between now and the week before Christmas, he gets another dollar to spend on my gift. For every two miles he runs, I get a dollar to spend on his gift (I offered to do the mile=dollar for him but he said “You can’t afford me”. Cocky high mileage guy).


I think this will be fun and excellent motivation during the cold months. Now to make my Christmas wish list…


One thought on “The Christmas Challenge

  1. Amy says:

    I would prefer 1 mile for 5 (or however many) minutes of spa treatment, be it massage, facial, whatever! Get running girl! Reading your posts actually makes me want to go for a run (wtf?). Too bad I’m “in the family way”…

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