My Laurels

I gotta stop resting on them.

I’m discovering that I am a bit prone to some unproductive combination of post race ennui and laziness. I have a very hard time getting in decent workout for at least a week after races. This wouldn’t be such a big problem except that, you know, I’m doing a race every month. So, taking a week off every month does not serve me well for the next race.

Last week I did three training sessions: a 2 mile walk (I tried to run, but my hips were still a bit sore from the 5K*), a 2 mile walk/run combo (1 mile of each) and a 6.5 mile bike ride (first bike ride since the tri, not good). Were these better than nothing? Sure. Do I feel like they did much to prepare me for the 7 miler in November? Not so much.

Let’s try some of that accountability stuff. Here’s is what I plan to do this week and I’ll let you know how it goes next weekend:

Monday: 3.5 mile walk/run

Tuesday: 3.5 mile walk/run plus yoga or Pilates video

Wednesday: swim

Thursday: 3.5 mile walk/run plus yoga or Pilates video

Friday: off day

Saturday: 5 mile walk/run

Sunday: 10 mile bike ride


*Weirdly, I was more sore after the 5K than I was after the tri. Didn’t expect that.

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