I am officially signed up for a race this month– this one— and my do I feel under prepared for it.

Last week was almost a total loss as far as training went. That schedule I set for myself a few posts down? Ha. Yeah, not so much. Between catching a little cold and evening work events and a Halloween outing with the wee babe, I kind of got my ass handed to me last week.

I am in the midst of two massive, urgent, ridiculously important work things (let’s call them Thing 1 and Thing 2) and I am stressed. I have been self medicating with Halloween candy and I have not been training.

This race this month is 7 miles. I’ve never, ever done 7 miles.



On a more positive note…for all the runners out there…how great was the finish to the NYC marathon? Go Meb!

Uh oh… I feel a rant coming on…

I’m going to be curious to see how some of the running sites cover the marathon, particularly Runner’s World. I have a bit of  love/hate relationship with Runner’s World and one of my chief complaints is that they almost never have runners who aren’t white on the cover and they, in my opinion, have such a hard-on for Ryan Hall* that they don’t cover other US marathoners  (like Meb) who actually have had more success than he has. I know a lot of people have been panting over having an American win a major marathon, but I suspect that for some, Meb’s big win won’t really count. I hope I am wrong about that.

* Yes, I know Ryan Hall is a nice guy and no doubt he has talent, but really Runner’s World (RW) has all but called him the Great White Hope. RW has had he and Kara Goucher on multiple covers each and none of them has actually won anything yet. I get that they are photogenic, but c’mon…where is Meb’s cover? Or Bernard Legat’s (not a marathoner, but clearly one of the best runner’s in the US right now)?

Edited to add: Turns out Meb was on the cover of RW in Nov. 2007. Since then, RW has had two other covers with non-white runners. Ryan Hall has had two covers as well. Since Jan 2006, there have been three covers with runners of color on them. Since Jan. 2006 there have been three covers with Ryan Hall on them. How is that not messed up?


One thought on “$34.81

  1. shaily says:

    I’ve noticed that a lot of times the covers of my health magazines don’t have someone of color/a minority of any race on them…I am glad I am not the only one!

    PS you can totally rock the 7 mile race, you’ll see!

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