Good enough

The theme of today is good enough. Not great. Not perfect. Not the best.

Today I was buried with Thing 2 at work, a grant proposal that will determine if I have a job or not after August (so, no pressure). Thing 2 is due in a little more than a month.

Tonight I am at work well after the normal leaving time working on Thing 1, a monster annual report that is 249 rows and 30 columns long on Excel and every data field needs to be entered. It is due in less than a month.

I went for a walk/run tonight and it was good enough. It wasn’t a great run. I was congested and distracted and a little cold. But it was good enough.

I feel like I need to do great on Thing 1 and 2 and the rest of my life has to settle for good enough and that is hard for me. I don’t like being a good enough mom (who saw her kid for less than an hour today), good enough wife, etc. I want to be so much better than that, but I just can’t this month.


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