Well huh

So, you’ve all heard of baby sign language, yes? Teach the pre-verbal kiddo some signs and hopefully reduce the amount of parenting time devoted to figuring what the hell the fruit of your loins is screeching about  as  babies are creatures of mystery. Sometimes they cry because the air molecules around them are too tight. Sometimes they just need a snack. It’s nice when you can fix the fixable things.

Baby Athletic Monkey knows two signs, largely because I am lazy about it and haven’t taught him any more. He knows “all done” which also translates to “get me out of this high chair post haste woman”. His main go-to sign though is for “more” which he uses to get more food, to suggest he’d like some food (there is something so sad and funny to me about walking up and down the grocery aisle as he frantically signs “more” at every tasty looking bag of chips), and to basically say “gimme gimme” when he wants something.

I was looking at a baby sign website today, thinking I might up the ante and teach him a few more signs, like “please” or “hungry” or “I love you mama because you are so kind and pretty and good smelling and I will always love you the most, but don’t tell my wife that, okay?”. You know, the basics.

The website I was looking at had a good variety of signs but the one that keeps making me laugh is that they have a sign, ON A BABY SIGN WEBSITE, for “ride motorcycle“.  What? It is listed as one of the top 60 signs. Huh? Are there really that many toddlers desperately trying to tell their parents that the reason they are crying is because they need to get on their bike and experience the open road, man.


The best part is that the woman demonstrating the sign looks really, really intense about it. She is not joking around about this sign.


One thought on “Well huh

  1. Amy says:

    I hadn’t thought to teach Luca that one… I’m speachless, actually. I’d like to say something witty and funny but seem to be stuck at, “Huh?” LOL

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