Longing for Home

I’m sitting in a hotel again tonight, the same hotel I was in last night and the night before. I miss my husband, my baby, my bed. I go home tomorrow and I can’t wait.

When I first started working after college I had a job that required a lot of travel. I loved it. Loved airports, loved hotels, loved expensing meals (still like that actually). I loved the otherness of it. I could be anyone when I was sitting at the airport by myself. Sometimes I’d even pretend to be someone else when talking to someone else on the plane…someone more interesting, someone more exciting.

I think that I didn’t like my real life so much so I liked the break from it that traveling gave me.

Now I like my life and I just want to go home.


In other news, I don’t think I’m going to do the tri this weekend. I remembered yesterday that I am supposed to be taking a group of college students hiking on Sunday and then I have the 7 mile race next week Saturday, so I think the tri is just one too many things to do.

But watch out wrestlers…I’m coming for you next year!


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