A Back Up Plan

The race, the 7 mile crazy cross country race, is this weekend and I am sick. I’m congested, I’ve got a terrible cough developing, and I for sure can’t run right now.

The question is, of course, will I be able to run on Saturday?

I hope so, as I paid for the race entry and I am not really interested in just getting at $35 t-shirt for the money. Plus, I’ve got our best babysitter lined up and this will be the first race Michael and I run together (well, not together, as he is way faster than me, but first that we are both signed up for). I wanna do it, even though I feel under trained.

I do have a back up plan though. If I can’t do it, there is a 5K on Thanksgiving day in the city we’ll be spending Thanksgiving in, so I’ll sign up for that if Saturday is a no go.

Till then I will drink my fluids, try to rest and hopefully not spread this illness back to the little person who I suspect gave it to me in the first place.


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