No Crazy Race for Me

I walked up three flights of stairs today and it took me 2 minutes to catch my breath afterwards.

I’m better but still a bit sickish.

I’m listening to my husband and to my body and I am going to sit out the race on Saturday. If it was shorter I’d probably still do it, but 7 miles would have been the longest I’ve ever gone and I just don’t think trying for that when I’m getting over a cold and haven’t run in almost 2 weeks is a good idea. I’ll sign up for the 5K on Thanksgiving and try not to feel bummed about this.

I have never, ever not done an athletic event I’ve signed up for. I’m feeling quite poorly about it all, actually.



2 thoughts on “No Crazy Race for Me

  1. kelly schwanbeck says:

    Don’t be hard on yourself. You’re awesome and an inspiration. I only wish you’d done this when we were in the same place. I know you would have pushed me and maybe we could do some of it together 😦

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