You Know You Are Married to a Runner When…

1. You are in bed for the night and suddenly he sits up in bed because he feels something in the sheets…and it turns out to be his own toenail…that is no longer attached to the toe.


2. There are 5 times as many pairs of running shoes in the house as there are people.


3. You keep your Body Glide in a more easily accessible location than your deodorant.  And you are more likely to have a Garmin on the charger than a cell phone.


4. When you look at the budget for the year, you realize that 90% of the clothing budget goes toward running shoes, tec socks and other running gear and that your budget category for “fitness” is 80% larger than your budget category for “entertainment”.


5. Almost all of your travel plans involve a race, even if you are officially going to visit family, there is probably going to be a race in there somewhere too.




One thought on “You Know You Are Married to a Runner When…

  1. Kamaile says:

    Those are too funny! I’m the runner in my house so I will add:
    The nights before a long run it takes 10 minutes to figure out what we are eating for dinner which is usually eaten early so I can go to bed!

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