Allow Me to give you my opinion: Entertainment edition

1. If you have not seen the movie “Up” yet, you should. It was sweet and funny and it made me cry. Mr. Monkey and I watched it last night. I sat on the couch and ate warm homemade apple crisp with really good vanilla ice cream. I recommend you do the same.

2. If you don’t watch the show “Community” you should. It is quite funny.

3. The soundtrack to the show “Glee” is quite wonderful. I sound most excellent when singing loudly along to “Defying Gravity” over and over again on the car ride into work. On a related note, the baby is *thisclose* to being able to say “stop it, for the love of God, please stop it.”

4. I’ve just about read every book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlene Harris. Quality literature? Not so much. Soapy vampire drama with the occasional juicy sex scene? Why yes. The books are like reading candy. Empty calories but entertaining. I was slightly embarrassed to read them in front of my PhD in English husband, but he wants to add 3 Stooges movies to our Netflicks list so I think we’re even in the lowbrow entertainment area.

5. I am currently obsessed with the following blogs: The Pioneer Woman (me and a million other people), All and Sundry (warning: kind of a potty mouth, but very funny), and of course You Suck At Craigslist (link in blogroll).


Anything you’d like to recommend?


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