Poor Grover

The best cheeks ever

A few years ago Johnson&Johnson had this series of “Having a Baby Changes Everything” commercials that always made me tear up, especially when I was pregnant and was super crazy hormone lady. This one was the most sniff inducing:

I know it is so clichéd to say so, but it is true. Having a baby does profoundly and irreversibly change you. I remember when baby Monkey was first born that the world seem entirely too much to me. I couldn’t stop thinking about how every single person, every victim of crime or violence, everyone who died of a disease or accident, was someone’s baby. The enormity of that made it impossible for me to watch the news or read the newspaper for weeks and weeks.

Having a baby also made me think about how I was raised and what I wanted for my son. One of the clearest things that came to mind was that I for sure wanted to raise a child that felt comfortable in his own skin, someone who was active and healthy in a way that I am still striving to be.

I think about my kiddo every time I sign up for a race. I love it when he and my husband are at the finish line waiting for me. I want him to see his mama trying and racing. I look forward to him getting big enough to do fun runs with us. I want him to realize that he is fearfully and wonderfully made and that his perfectly formed body is a gift.

I’m working on remembering that about myself too.


On a lighter note, I had a “having a baby changes everything” moment the other day when I heard myself saying the following to my son:

“No, no, buddy, Grover doesn’t need to see your penis”*

I sat for a moment and tried to think if there was any chance in the world that before I had a baby, I would ever have had cause to say those particular words.


Or at least I hope not

* Said while I was changing his diaper as my son was reading the best kids book ever .  My son may have been trying to spoon with the book a bit.


3 thoughts on “Poor Grover

  1. rie says:

    the other day, dj and i had this intensely serious conversation:

    “I did not call you a hamburger.”

    “I am DJ, not a hamburger!!!!” (insert crying and hand-waving)

    “I know, sweetie, I didn’t say that — I said I’d wrap you in your towel LIKE a hamburger in a bun.”

    “I. AM. NOT. A. HAMBURGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    well, ok then.

    amazing what we say when talking to our toddlers. lol!

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