A Really Good Weekend

Okay, a little context to start out with: I am, traditionally, terrible at keeping secrets from Mr. Monkey. This is especially true when the secret is something good and exciting. One year, for example, I got him a Garmin Forerunner for Christmas which I knew he’d never expect but would love. Not only did I not make it to Christmas before telling him, I didn’t even make it long enough for the darned thing to arrive in the mail. I pulled up a picture of it on-line and made Mr. Monkey look at it days before it arrived.

Further background: Mr. Monkey has two teenaged sons from his first marriage who live in another state. We love them and miss them terribly. The younger one came out this summer for a visit but B., the older one, was working and preparing for college and so didn’t make it out. We saw him in late spring but were getting close to 6 months without seeing him, which was hard for all involved.

Well, B. and I conspired together to bring him out this past weekend to surprise Mr. Monkey and it was fabulous. Not only did I not spill the beans (go me!) but because it was a lovely, lovely time as a family. Baby monkey is IN LOVE with his older brother and his older brother has turned into a fine young man. He and Mr. Monkey often had a difficult time with each other when B. was younger (they are both very smart, very verbal and are not quick to back down during a debate or argument. There were some hard times there) and it is wonderful to see how far they’ve come and how open they both are with their love for each other.

Here are some snapshots from the big surprise:

Big son and little son share a snack

B. and I originally planed to surprise Mr. Monkey at his office, but then he left early to go running so we went back to the house and passed the time with a snack. B. is teaching his little brother how to dip his crackers in bean dip. I am hovering by the window, waiting to see the car come down the driveway.

When Mr. Monkey pulled in, B. ran to hide in our bedroom so I could tell Mr. Monkey that I had gotten his Christmas present and couldn’t wait to give to him (which he totally believed, because, duh I do that almost every year).

Mr. Monkey fell for it and head to the bedroom and then, sniff!, there was the surprised yell and then hugging and crying (on almost everyone’s part except the baby, who was busy trying to throw himself off the bed)

Note the teary eyes...

One of the most fun things this weekend has been seeing how much the baby loves his brother and how good B. is with him.

Two sweet guys

We spend most of the weekend just having fun, playing board games, doing some Christmas shopping, and just enjoying the too short time with B. It was a very good weekend.


In other news, I did my first real cold weather run this weekend (more on that next post) and am thinking about how to handle the weather this week. We’re supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow in the next two days and there are blizzard conditions coming. Yippee (only, not so much)

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