Snow Day

This was me on Saturday, fresh from a run and feeling mighty virtuous about my cold weather running toughness. It was 24 degrees on Saturday but with the wind it, according to the internet weather people, felt like 13 degrees. I was wearing running tights, wind pants, two long sleeve shirts, a vest, hat and gloves. I ran 2 miles and smugly thought “Bring it on winter, I can handle running in the cold”


It is a Wednesday morning and I am at home, still in my jammies. This is not a normal Wednesday. The college where I work is closed, as is almost everything else in town (I assume, we live 8 miles from town and have no way of getting in today. It is bad weather). The temperature is 9 degrees and wind chills are bringing it down to -10 to -20. The overnight low is supposed to be -5. We got between 10-15 inches of snow yesterday.

Running? Not so much. The funny thing is that knowing I have no way to run today (no access to a treadmill and am not foolish enough to run with wind gusts up to 50 mph) makes me want to go running more.

Instead I am eating raisin toast and letting Elmo babysit the kid for a little while. Perhaps we’ll go play outside later (if temps hit double digits anytime today) to burn some energy but for now we stay inside, cozy and warm.

One thought on “Snow Day

  1. Bree@beeskneeslife says:

    I always want to run more when I can’t…especially when it’s a blizzard! Looks like you guys to the South got it worse then we did. My husband’s school was closed though. He was a kid in a candy store.

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