It is 9:40am on a very, very cold Tuesday morning. I am sitting at home, wearing a pair of old flannel pajamas and thinking about how I should be at work right now. How I would be at work right now, if I hadn’t driven into a ditch this morning on the way to work.


I kind of figured it might happen eventually. I don’t have much snow driving experience and we live in the country so our roads are always the last to get cleared. I was driving in as carefully as I could this morning and then- whoosh- suddenly it was like “Welcome to Ditchville. Population: You (dumbass)”.

Thankfully a nice guy with truck saw me slide in and was able to drive me home (the car is still there, it was too slick to pull it out).

So, now I am at home, with the baby and the husband and I feel a little trapped. I love spending time with them, but the knowing that it isn’t safe to drive so we really shouldn’t leave the house makes me feel nervous and gritchy and trapped.

I’m still planning on running the two-mile race this weekend though I increasingly feel like I might not be able to get in much running before then. I brought my bag to go to the school gym today. But that bag is now in the car. Which is in the ditch.



Also, I have been waiting on a package from UPS for 5 days now but the tracking information just keeps saying that emergency conditions prevent it from being delivered. I suspect that the emergency condition is the big ass ice-covered hill a mile from my house. We went 3 days with no postal service last week  and I doubt we’ll get mail today.

It is all pretty and stuff out here, but sometimes living in the country is a real pain in the ass.

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