Operation Single Mom: Day 1

My husband left at an unthinkable hour, heading to the airport to catch a 6am flight. He’ll be gone for the next 4 days, the first time he has been away from me and the baby since…ever. I travel a couple of times a year for my job, but he usually doesn’t. I think he’ll enjoy the break from the day to day grind that parenting a small child can be, but I know that he is going to miss us (and we will for sure miss him).

I’m not nervous about being on my own with the kiddo for 4 days, but I am a bit tired thinking about it. The weather here is still really cold and we got a big snow dump yesterday so I need to think of creative things to keep us from going stir-crazy here.  I think I’ll brave the roads and head into town later today.

I’m working on coming up with a schedule for races for the spring though I haven’t done any physically activity in 2 weeks (yikes, how is that possible?). I probably won’t get any chances to do anything other than workout videos the next few days, but after that I need to get going again.

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