10 Pounds of Pain

So, on a whim the other day (and by “whim” I mean retail therapy expedition I engaged in while my husband was out of town and I was bored and lonely) I bought myself one of these:If you have not had the distinct horror of doing a workout with one of these before, allow me to introduce you to the kettlebell. According the eye-poppingly fit woman on my instructional DVD, these were invented by Russian athletes who felt like they weren’t suffering enough under the communist regime (I might have made up that last part). The idea is to use these to do a variety of throwing and holding movements and to build muscle strength and explosive power. The throwing movements are also, if you have sweaty hands, a good way to start ridding your workout area of any pictures, knick knacks, mirrors, etc that you don’t like (10 pounds+slippery hands+throwing= bye-bye ugly Precious Moments figurine).

The local big box store sells them in sizes from 4 pounds to 20 pounds. I, feeling optimistic, got the 10 pound one. Ha.

After securing the baby in another room (because, whoa, such potential for disaster doing it with him walking around. Like he needs another head injury after all the flinging himself off of furniture he does), I finally got my ass in gear and did the DVD for the first time today.

It is kind of a miracle I have enough strength to type.

It was hard. No. Really. Haaarrrrdddd. My heart rate was up, my muscles were shaking, and it was obvious pretty quickly that I should hustle big to ye olde big box store and get a 5 pound one because I can not hang with the 10 pounds. I usually think I have better strength than cardio fitness, but wowzers, this was tough (have I mentioned it was hard?).

I think Mr. Monkey is going to try it as a way of working in some strength training to his running plan. I’ll be curious to see if he likes it. He usually isn’t a fan of strength work but I think he might like this better than just lifting weights.

Speaking of Mr.Monkey, he is out running right now. The temperature is -3, not counting the wind chill. He is officially a stud.

2 thoughts on “10 Pounds of Pain

  1. James says:

    Told you that it would kick your butt and I thought I warned you about letting the KB get out of your hand. When I got my KB I was optimistic and bought the 35 lb KB, never has 35 lbs felt so heavy.

    Personally I think the KB is the best cross training tool in a runner’s toolbox. Gets you strong without bulking you up. What kind of routine were you doing?

  2. Wendy says:

    The kettlebell came with a DVD, so I was just doing that one. It has a warm-up and then three 15 minute workouts that you can do all or mix and match. I did the warm-up and the first workout and was done.

    I didn’t actually drop the KB yet, but I can totally see how one could. The trainer on the DVD warns about that several times.

    35 pounds is crazy.

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