I love $20 races.

I just sent in my entry form for this month’s race: the Amana Colonies Freezer 5K Run. apparently this race is part of a larger winter festival, which also includes an ice sculpture contest, a marshmallow roast, a shot put competition using ham as the throwing object (the “ham-put” naturally) and a best beards contest. I don’t think I’ll win the 5K but, if I can enter my legs, I might win the best beard.

I’m looking forward to this race because I think the festival itself sounds fun (and will give Mr. Monkey and the babe something to do for the 40 or so minutes I’m running) and because the swag bag comes from the Amana meat store. I can’t wait for my goody bag of meat.

I don’t have big goals for this race given that my training has been pretty spotty lately. I do hope to break 40 minutes in the 5K sometime this year, but I’d be surprised if I do it during the cold months.  I’ll be happy to be under 45 minutes, happier the closer to 40 minutes I get.


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