Wednesday Run

So, the weather here is finally, finally, finally not a complete suckfest. It is still cold, of course, but it isn’t like “mother nature wants you dead” cold anymore. It is just sort of normal winter cold, which means it is time to get running again.

I had a good challenging run last night. Mr. Monkey and I drive to and from work together, so yesterday I changed into running gear before we left campus and then I had him pull over about 2.5 miles from home so I could run the rest of the way. I know 2.5 miles isn’t that long, but it was still a challenging run because of two major factors: hills and icy mud.

As soon as I got out of the car (leaving a husband and a child who burst into tears as they pulled away. I think he was concerned about why Daddy was leaving Mommy by the side of the road) I had to make my way down a very steep hill that was covered in this muddy icy mix. I took very small steps and slid a couple of times. I was very grateful no cars passed me during that time as I didn’t exactly look like the macho cold weather runner I want to be.

After I made it down the hill I walked for somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 a mile, hoping to warm up. I was wearing running tights, a long sleeve tech shirt, lightweight gloves and a headband/ear cover thing. I had debated wearing two shirts and chose incorrectly to wear one. My belly was cold the whole damn run.

I finally started running and soon was crossing the one lane bridge that marks 1.5 miles till home. I kind of hate running over the bridge. I have to force myself to not think about scenarios that involve me going flying off the side of the bridge into the ice-covered river below. This kinds of thoughts are not conducive to a good run.

After the bridge is hill #2, a long steep climb. I ran about 3/4 of it before I had to walk because my calves felt like little balls of hurt. I walked, trying to take some long strides to stretch it out a bit. That helped and I started running again.

I ran the last mile home and was so glad to see the lights of our farmhouse. The sun had set and I was cold and hungry.

I woke up feeling pleasantly sore in the quads, the kind of sore that just reminds you that you moved a lot the day before. It feels good.


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