Some Things to Be Happy About

1. It is Friday and I have no plans for the weekend. And the weather is not going to be terrible so perhaps I will even leave my house this weekend, which did not happen last weekend.

2. A work friend is going to start running with me on Monday and I am both happy to get a running partner and happy for the chance to get to know this person better, as I think she has good outside of work friend potential. I just hope I’m not too slow for her.

3. I had an interesting experience yesterday. I posted a question/comment about the ethics of foreclosure* on two different website forums that I frequent. One is a forum for academics, one is a forum for women to talk about money issues. On one forum (the women and money) I got pretty soundly flamed and was told I suck, I’m unethical, I’m irresponsible, etc. On the other forum (for academics) I was told I was smart, logical and financially savvy.

The good part: The flaming didn’t bother me (I’m mostly just a little stunned at both how riled up people can get and how little reading and fiscal comprehension some people have) and the praise doesn’t make me feel any better or more intelligent. For a person who has basically gone through most of her life wanting people to like her no matter what, I think this is sign that I am more comfortable with myself than I used to be. I’d still like it, of course, if people agreed with me but I can also see that if an anonymous person on the internet wants to get into a lather over something I say/do/think, than that is their thing. Them believing that I suck doesn’t actually mean I suck.

4. Mr. Monkey is interviewing for a new job right this very second and I feel like we’ll be okay no matter what the outcome is. I feel no expectation, which is a good place to be in when the outcome is not in your hands.

*I should say that Mr. Monkey and I are not in foreclosure or anything, though when you own a house in Arizona that you are upside down on, it is something you have to consider as an option. It just isn’t our option at this point.


One thought on “Some Things to Be Happy About

  1. James says:

    Amy’s dad is one of the better real estate attorneys in Arizona and is very conservative on giving out advice on foreclosures and short sales. The real estate market is the worst that he has seen in his almost 40 years of practicing real estate law and Arizona has a reputation of having some really big real estate busts. We were shocked when he looked into our house situation in Phoenix and recommended foreclosure. It only dings your credit for a few years and can easily be explained by your job situation. If you were flipping houses and got caught on the short end that would be a different story.

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