Poor pitiful boy

The baby monkey has been sick for three days now.

It started with a gurgling wet sounding cough (the kind that makes you think coughing until he pukes is an imminent threat) and progressed to a runny nose and slight fever. He doesn’t want to eat and has been attached to my hip far more than usual.

I thought (hoped) he’d be better today, but at he seemed to hit a wall today and became, rather suddenly, mournful and listless. He was crying these thin, quivering cries. Fat tears rolled down his cheeks. He looked exhausted but couldn’t fall asleep.

Mr.Monkey and I were both home today. An ice storm hit our area, closing the school we both work at. Mr. Monkey finally got concerned enough to call the doctor and they told us to come on in. We (meaning: Mr. Monkey) had to spend a half hour scraping ice off the car and it took a good 10 minutes to navigate the yard to the car as the snow in our yard was crusted over with a thin layer of slick ice. The baby whimpered but didn’t cry on the drive there. The roads were much less icy than I had feared and for this I was grateful.

At the doctor’s they checked his ears and his oxygen level and took a chest x-ray. It wasn’t scary (I knew he was sick but felt pretty certain it wasn’t life threatening) but it did make me feel, I don’t know exactly, strongly protective.  The boy is getting so big but he is also still so little. He can’t tell us what he needs and all I can do is over him the comfort of my arms and some baby Tylenol.

It turns out that he has his first ear infection and a respiratory virus. He was listless and sleepy tonight and I hope he feels better tomorrow. I miss his healthy dancing running little self.

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