Mr. Monkey and I are a bit unsettled these days. Maybe it is a bit of cabin fever, borne of the relentlessness of this winter.

 We are both struggling with the absolute crap weather we are having so far (honestly, this is one of the worst winters that Iowa has had in recent memory), neither of us has been exercising regularly this month (though he has the last two days), and we are both yearning for answers to some big life questions such as:

1. Where are we going to work next year? My current job is with a grant funded program. Our grant runs out in August. We’ve applied for 5 more years of funding but won’t find out if we are approved for several more months. Mr. Monkey is currently in the running for 2 full-time positions, one he should hear about fairly soon and one that still has to do second interviews. One would involve moving again, one wouldn’t. I think he is more interested in one than the other but either would be a kind of relief.

2. Where are we going to live? We have both decided that country living is not for us. The dirt road, the muddy spring, the mice, the being a 45 minute drive from the closest bookstore…it isn’t us. So we’re going to move somewhere, but where? And when?

3. Should we have another baby? We made a pretty good one on our first try, but can we afford it? Do we want to? I tend to think about this more, I suspect, than he does.

I think we both wrestle with these types of questions when we run and neither of us has been running much. I didn’t race this weekend. I slipped on some ice walking to my car and twisted my knee just enough to make racing on a cold, wet, slippery day seem like a bad idea.

I don’t think I’ll end up doing 12 races in 12 months at this point. This is okay. I’ve learned that I like racing and that it motivates me. I’m going to keep blogging. I’m going to keep training. I’m going to keep looking forward to having some answers to the bigger questions we have right now.

2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Kansas Wiley says:

    If you double up on a couple of the more inviting months weatherwise, you could still get in the 12 races. You can still do it! Remember at last year’s Iowa Games, you swam six races in two days!

  2. Teresa says:

    I’m glad you aren’t giving up racing (or blogging)! Keep up challenging yourself. . . and whether it is 12 races in 12 months or something less, you’ll be happier and healthier for it.

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