In a perfect world…

So, I’ve mentioned that Mr. Monkey and I will be moving somewhere this year, most likely this summer. We’re not sure where we are moving yet, possibly just 35 minutes north to the biggest city in our state or possible to another state, depending on job circumstances. 

We’ve been married for almost five years and we’ve moved houses 3 times already so we are hoping the next house/location will be somewhere that we can really settle into. We’ve started making lists of things we long for in our next place. I doubt we’ll get all of these, but in a perfect world we’d live in a city that has: 

1. A good bookstore, preferably a good used bookstore and a good independent. 

2. Easy access to fresh bagels 

3. A decent trail system for running and biking and such. Possibly my favorite part of the small town we work in (different from the speck of a town we live in) is the wide, mostly flat paved trail that is less than a half a mile from our campus. It is pretty, it is safe, and I will be glad when it is no longer covered in ice. 

4. Good schools (is that bad that this comes after fresh bagels on my list?) 

5. One of these would be fabulous: 

I miss you Trader Joe's


 It does seem we’d have to move to another state to get this one. 

In our next house I would love: 

1. Room for one of these: 


 Which would mean that, according to a deal we have, we’d also need to have room for one of these even though no one in the house really know how to play one* 

2. I’d like a big ass bathtub and a big ass kitchen. 

3. A smallish, very easy to maintain yard as we are not yard work kind of people. I would like to try to grow some veggies though, so maybe a little plot of good dirt would be nice. 

4. In a perfect, perfect world 4 bedrooms: master, kiddo room, and an office for me and an office for him. That sounds indulgent to me, but would really be the most practical way of confining my husband’s gigantic collection of books and moleskin journals into one manageable space.

We’ll see what we actually get…

* Mr. Monkey claims to be able to play a song entitled “Donkey with a Sombero On” which totally sounds like the kind of thing you would want to hear played over and over again. Really.

2 thoughts on “In a perfect world…

  1. James says:

    #1 – Tucson was out of the ordinary for a city it’s size for having some great used and independent bookstores. It’s been 15 years since I’ve lived in Tucson and finally have gotten used to the fact that the best bookstore in town is Amazon.
    #2 – The Atkins craze killed off a lot of decent places to get fresh bagels, good luck on finding a survivor.
    #5 – I got very spoiled living less than a mile away from TJ’s in PHX. We have a food coop here in Boise, but it is full of ex-hippies and granola-heads willing to pay 2-3 times as much as what TJ’s would sell stuff for. Plus for some reason the vehicle of choice for ex-hippies is a huge SUV and they insist on taking up all of the parking spaces.

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