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This shoes are the best part of a very bad day.

We went to the big city yesterday where a local running store was having a big sale. Mr. Monkey wanted to get some light weight running shoes just to see how those might feel and I wanted to see it they had the specific Mizuno style I had two pairs ago (that I love more than I love my current pairs).

Not only did they have 2 pairs of my shoes, which are a discontinued style, Mr. Monkey found three pairs he wanted. All of the shoes were ridiculously cheap (his 3 pairs cost less than 1 pair of his usual shoes) but it was still funny to watch my seriously frugal husband wrap his brain around the idea of buying 5 pairs of shoes in one shopping trip. He got some good-natured ribbing  (“hey, I sure am glad you don’t wear my size…there would be nothing left!”) from some of the other customers as he carried all the boxes up to the register.

The rest of the day was crap but now we have enough shoes to get us through the rest of the year, so that should help the budget…which will now be strained by having not one but two broken down cars (ugh. and also: SUCK IT JANUARY).

3 thoughts on “Bounty

  1. James says:

    Nothing like a new pair of running shoes to get you fired up. Finally got to take my new pair of trail running shoes out for a spin on Saturday morning. My favorite trail for gauging my fitness is a little under 6 miles of single track with about 1000 feet of altitude gain (about 200 feet every mile) and I am happy whenever I can break an hour. Despite the trail being iced over or muddy I cranked it out in 57 minutes. The new shoes really helped me from sliding off the trail.

    Going to Jackson Wyoming tomorrow for a business trip and was able to score an invite to train at the Mountain Athlete gym tomorrow night. This is a fairly famous gym that specializes in training skiers, mountain climbers, cyclists and runners. Probably the best gym in the country for training tall skinny endurance geeks like myself, so I am pretty psyched.

    Let’s hope it warms up so you and Michael can get outside and burn off the winter blahs. It’s funny, my kids have been complaining about how cold it was on Saturday because we took them out hiking for two hours. I was able to tell them that they have no idea what winter is like, they need to talk to my sister in Iowa.

    • Wendy says:

      You can always threaten to make them come visit me if they complain about the weather too much. They can sholve snow in my yard and then help me hunt for mice. That should make life in Idaho seem more appealing…

  2. Kansas Wiley says:

    James, one of the pairs I bought was some Nike Frees. They were only $40, so I thought I’d try them out and see if they feel great or put my feet in traction. I’ll let you know how it goes, because I know you were interested in the minimal running shoe idea. Now I know how they feel on “Sex and the City” when they come home with boxes of new shoes.

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