From My Window

From my office window everything looks white. The snow is blowing and swirling and the tree branches bend under the weight of the fresh snow until the wind gusts again and knocks the snow off, dropping it on to the students scurrying to class.

From my window I can see the park where the students play frisbee and hackysack when the weather is warm. It can be so green and so lovely. The park is empty today and has been for months it seems like.

I know I’ve complained about the snow on this website before, but that isn’t going to stop me from doing it again. I am done. DONE. I’m sick of the snow and of the anxious pit that forms in my stomach when I am driving in the snow and I can feel the car tires starting to slide and of the scrapping of the windshields and the bundling up of the baby before we leave.


I went running at the gym today and did a bit of strength training. It helped a bit with my mood. I have to remember that it works that way.



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