The indoor tri

I just got an email about the indoor tri on Sunday…and I am a little more confident about the organization but will still be curious how it all comes together.

The plan is that all the racers check in at 1pm at the pool for the pre-race info meeting. We are divided up into heats, with the first heat starting at 1:30pm for the 15 minute swim portion. My heat doesn’t start until 3:30pm, so I’ll be bringing a book. The heats are small (the biggest is 4 people), mainly I think because our gym has a limited amount of exercise bikes.

The race is basically three 15 minute segments with 5 minutes of transition in between. The trickiest transition is going to be from swim to bike, as those are held in different buildings, so I’ll need to get out of the pool, get bike/run clothes on and get to a different building in 5 minutes. The bike and run portion are in the same building, but on different levels. The bike is on the first floor and the run is on the very short, very slanted indoor track on the second level.

I have zero expectations for this race. I haven’t swam at all since October, I have no concept of how many miles I can do in 15 minutes on an exercise bike and I don’t know the length of the track so I don’t have a goal for how many laps I should cover. I’d like to swim at least 700 meters (pool is short course meters) and I’d like to run the whole time. It really will be a bit more like a workout than a race, I think.

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